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Agrofood Industry

  • Device to control the cooking process of an aliment

    Device to manage a cooking process on which it is imperative to flip the food to complete the cooking. The system is based on two thermocouples for measuring temperatures, a variable resistance to measure food thickness, and an algori ...

  • A new generation food supplement for cartilage

    A new generation food supplement for cartilage based upon glucosamine and the building blocks for collagen. It is the first of a new generation of cartilage-improving products, giving the chondrocytes the raw materials they need to ...

  • Microencapsulation of nisine as a technology for food safety in cheeses

    The microencapsulation of Nisin as a technology for improving food safety is an effective method that provides advantages in comparison with bactericidal technologies against Listeria monocytogenes: the conservation of lactic bacteria ...

Biological Sciences

Electronics, IT and Telecomms


Industrial manufacturing, Material and Transport Technologies

  • New signaling technologies for traffic safety

    Traffic light chassis, including brackets and poles. (the different pieces can be commercialized separately). Modular assembly of easy coupling with anti-rotation system, thus allowing creating different combinations available. Quality ...

  • Customized Automotive Lighting: New Marketing Tool

    The invention consists in a new configuration of LEDs included in the automotive lighting system that allows conforming capricious shapes such car brands or other designs. The customization of the lighting system, including the car bra ...

  • Innovative Automotive Battery Analyzer

    Nowadays, the correct battery status of a vehicle is becoming especially important because of the many different electronic components involved in the vehicle operating system. The technology concerns an innovative automotive battery ...

Measurements and Standards

Other Industrial Technologies

Social and Economics concerns

  • Innovative scenario composition

    The product is composed of different elements whose union and proper placement allows the forming of a variety of scenarios in size and shape, in particular for conferences, presentations, theaters, etc.

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